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Mr. Wang is a professional lawyer who has practiced for more than 20 years in China. After graduation from the East China University of Politics and Law located in Shanghai, he worked for several famous law firms as a senior lawyer for many years and then set up Shanghai Dong Zuo Firm as initial partner back in 2011. His working languages are English and Mandarin. His lawyer licence NO. is 13101200310482170. He believes that Trust from clients is more valuable than anything else.

Mr. Wang primarily provides legal service in the commercial fields. He advises clients on a range of issues involving international trade, contract law, labor and fraud report. Besides his non-litigation work, Mr. Wang has also successfully acted for clients in many commercial litigations and arbitrations. He always consults clients not only from legal point of view but also from commercial and practical view. Many Chinese companies and oversea companies have hired Mr. Wang as their legal counsel in China to assist the business here.

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Tel: +86-21-64151078 64151079
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Skype: sethwangchina

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